Non-12-Step Treatment

Non 12 Step Addiction TreatmentThe vast majority of treatment programs in the Unites States are based on the traditional 12-step recovery model. However, despite the good intentions of these treatment providers most people don't successfully stay off drugs through this method, or take many years and several treatment attempts before it finally "sticks".

We work with non-12-step treatment centers throughout the country that provide very successful alternatives to the traditional recovery method. Let us help you find a treatment center that works for you.


Non-12-Step Recovery

The word "recovery" in the addiction treatment field has been defined almost like someone is in remission from cancer - meaning things are okay now but the disease could strike back uncontrollably at any time. This viewpoint about addiction makes someone seem like they are not responsible for hteir own condition, which is completely false when talking about substance abuse.

With the right help, possibly through a non-12-step treatment program, a person can completely put addiction behind them forever and no longer consider themselves "in recovery" but instead to be "recovered".

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Non-12-Step Treatment

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Why Alternative Treatment?

Alternative treatments to traditional 12 step programs can offer many things. One of them can include the length of time. Most traditional programs are only 28 or 30 day treatment centers. Millions of case studies have proven that this is rarely enough time.

In addition to that the majority of traditional programs now incorporate prescription drugs as a course of treatment, and it is purely impossible to consider someone drug-free if they are still dependent upon a physically or mentally altering drug. Many alternative programs seek a more holistic approach to treatment which is much more healthy for an individual and has much longer-lasting benefits beyond just substance abuse treatment.

Through effective educational and physical rehabilitation a successful 12-step-alternative treatment program can help you or your family permanently overcome addiction.

The idea that addiction is not an incurable disease helps set alternative treatment programs above the rest in that they expect results instead of expecting relapse.

Contact us today if you or someone you know is looking for a non-12-step rehab program or addiction treatment center.

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