Long-Term Addiction Treatment

There is not definite lenght of time that determines success for a long-term addiction treatment center. The treatment periods can be anywhere from just over 30 days to well over a year in length. However, the type of treatment is as much a factor, if not more so, as the length of time. We typically recommend something in the 90-120 day range for inpatient treatment whenever possible.

Our experience has shown that treamtent centers with open-ended programs and no set length of time have a higher success rate. The reason for this is that each person has his or her own unique symptoms and problems to address and any one could take more or less time to address thoroughly. Allowing for someone to take as much time as needed without moving them through with the rest of the group or on a specific date is not only more therapeutic but it also just makes sense.


Why Long-Term Treatment?

The success of long term addiction treatment has been proven. A group of researchers from the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) lead a team that included others from the University of Chicago, Brown University, and Rhode Island Hospital and found that former drug users had a better chance at sobriety by completing a long-term treatment center.

We have also conducted our own phone surveys and routinely the highest number of relapses are from short-term inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. Contact us today to find a successful long-term addiction treatment center in the United States that works.

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What About After Treatment?

After someone completes a long-term addiction treatment program their journey isn't suddenly over and now they're healed completely - at least not most addicts. There must be some type of discharge and transition plan in place complete with individual follow-up and a specialized support system to be able to help prevent relapse.

For some people this may mean going to a halfway house, therapeutic community or sober living environment to continue with support and be able to start working and being responsible in life again. For others this could include moving to another city or state and starting over in a new area. All must find new ways to stay productive and positively contribute to their own future and that of their families.

This does not mean someone has to go to meetings forever or even at all, but it could include that as part of the necessary support group. Finding and being a part of activities that don't involved alcohol or other drugs is going to be an important aspect of a permanent change in lifestyle.

An effective long-term addiction treatment center will assist the former addict in developing this discharge and support strategy to help ensure success.

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