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Florida addiction treatmentDuring 2006, there were 47,627 admissions to alcohol and drug treatment centers in Florida. There were 37,498 such treatment admissions during 2005. In 2004, there were considerably more admissions to drug treatment programs in the state. Approximately 395,000 Florida citizens reported needing but not receiving treatment for illicit drug use within the past year.

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Florida Drug Addiction

The State of Florida is a primary area for international drug trafficking and money laundering organizations, as well as a principal thoroughfare for cocaine and heroin transiting to the northeastern United States and Canada. Florida's over 8,000 miles of coastline provides virtually unlimited access and opportunities for drug trafficking organizations to use maritime conveyances to smuggle drugs. The short distance between Florida and the Bahamas also serves as a smuggling corridor along the southeast coastline. Additionally, Florida's numerous international airports and maritime ports provide traffickers with a means to smuggle drugs through the use of couriers and cargo facilities. South Florida, with its unique mix of nationalities and ties to Central and South America, is a primary domestic command and control center for Colombian narcotics traffickers and money laundering organizations.

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Florida Drug Information

Cocaine is the primary drug threat within Florida. Cocaine is smuggled via a variety of conveyances, to include commercial cargo vessel, private pleasure craft, cargo and passenger aircraft, and automobiles. Cocaine originates from South America and arrives in Florida directly from those sources, or via the U.S. Southwest Border with Mexico. Recently there has been a noted increase in Mexican organizations transporting and distributing large quantities of cocaine from Mexico to as far south as Palm Beach County. Cocaine originating directly from South American sources, as opposed to the U.S. Southwest Border, is destined for distribution to the eastern United States and Canada. The DEA Miami Field Division's Nassau Country is in a pivotal position in that the Bahamas archipelago is a major transportation route used by trafficking organizations to smuggle cocaine across the Caribbean corridor via vessels, ranging from go fast to sports fishing types. Bimini is merely a short distance of 45 miles from the southeast Florida coastline and Freeport lies 60 miles from West Palm Beach.

Unprecedented increases in levels of abuse pose a serious threat to the health and safety of Florida citizens. The Florida Medical Examiners report that five people die in Florida daily as a direct result of prescription drug overdoses. Current investigations indicate that diversion of hydrocodone (e.g. Vicodin®) and oxycodone (e.g. OxyContin®) products are a problem. Benzodiapezines (such as Xanax® and its generic alprazolam) and methadone are also identified as being among the most commonly abused and diverted pharmaceuticals in Florida. Primary methods of diversion include the Internet, illegal sale and distribution by health care professionals and workers, "doctor shopping," forged prescriptions and employee theft. Florida has emerged as a center for Internet holding companies which organize (and sometimes control) websites, physicians, pharmacies, and even pharmaceutical wholesalers. The Tampa area has become "ground zero" for Internet diversion.

DEA Offices & Telephone Nos:
Fort Lauderdale: 954-489-1700
Fort Myers: 941-275-3662
Gainesville: 352-371-2077
Jacksonville: 904-348-5225
Key Largo: 305-852-7874
Key West: 305-295-8603
Miami: 305-994-4870
Naples: 941-643-5550
Orlando: 407-333-7000
Panama City: 850-769-3407
Pensacola: 850-469-9060
Port St. Lucie: 561-462-3270
Tallahassee: 850-942-8417
Tampa: 813-287-5160
Titusville: 321-264-7616
West Palm Beach: 561-684-8000

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