Biophysical Addiction Treatment

Biophysical treatment for alcohol and drug addictions has become more well-known in the last decade or so, but it has actually been around for much longer than that - since the late 1970's. It is one of, if not the most effective holistic treatment methods for eliminating stored toxic drug residues from a person's body.

These programs are longer-term, not based on the disease concept and are non-12 step in nature, therefore they expect results through personal responsibility. Relapse is not expected and success rates are much higher than the typical types of addiction treatments.

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Sauna Detox

The biophysical detox method uses a unique combination of exercise, nutritional supplements, plenty of water for hydration, and a low-heat sauna. These combine to create a purging process that flushes out drugs and other toxic chemicals from a person's system and tissue.

This form of treatment has been found to be the most successful at eliminating physical drug cravings as well as improving mental clarity and energy levels as well as restoring healthy sleeping patterns. These are just some of the reported benefits of a biophysical program. For more information about these treatment centers and to find a location near you, call our helpline or fill out the form on this page for assistance.

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Biophysical drug treatment programs do not use any type of drug replacement therapy or prescribe new drugs to patients. Instead, they help to restore natural physical and mental health.

Giving more drugs to those who already have substance abuse difficulties not only doesn't solve their problems, but in many cases it either prolongs them or can even make things worse depending on the type of drug and circumstances.

This includes not giving opiate addicts opioid replacement drugs, not anti-drinking drugs, and using healthier alternatives such as nutritional supplements instead of drugs with severe side effects like anti-anxiety pills, antidepressants or anti-psychotic medications. Biophysical drug treatment programs are all about restoring people to better health and ending addiction permanently.

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